Our Philosophy

Jenna Eidt - Network Care Practitioner

Our Philosophy

Throughout your life, your body constantly creates tension in response to various stresses: physical, chemical, emotional and psychological. This tension is entirely appropriate as it allows each of us to rise to meet our life’s challenges. However, when our body cannot release this stress-generated tension it can dramatically impact our well-being, as other healthy processes are diminished.

Much like turning down a dimmer switch, the more energy our body expends holding onto this tension, the capacity and efficiency of our internal organs, our immune system and our brain’s neurological pathways are reduced. This limits our ability to feel vital, to tune into our intuition, creativity, needs and internal rhythms. Long-held tension patterns can also result in symptoms as diverse as anxiety, lack of energy, overwhelm/exhaustion, poor sleeping patterns, digestive imbalance, headaches and other muscular pain in the body. It is important to realize that symptoms are our body’s way to alert us that damage is taking place, we need to reassess and make change to help ourselves.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) are designed specifically to provide a “re-wiring” or reconnection between the brain and specific areas of the body that, due to tension patterns, have been restricted, or even blocked. Our objective is to restore proper communication between the brain and its multiple systems to create a healthy & efficient self-regulating, flexible body that allows us to live our lives in an optimal state.

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