What to Expect & Forms

What to Expect

Step 1: Initial Consultation (60 minutes)
In order to better understand your health history, current symptoms and treatment objectives, the first step is a 1-hour private Initial Consultation with Dr Jenna. During this hour, we’ll do a comprehensive health history review, conduct a spinal examination and agree upon a treatment plan together to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Allow Dr Jenna to listen to your health concerns and goals during this visit.

Step 2: First Treatment (45 minutes)
Following the Initial Consultation your first treatment will begin with a thorough explanation of the Entrainment Process, learning new tools to use in between treatments and, in particular, your role during your entrainments.

We will discuss the importance of; the gentle contacts being made, your breathing, how your body will want to adjust based on these contacts, and how those movements are an essential part of the healing process.

At the end of your entrainment, Dr Jenna will review your experience, answer any questions, as well as provide guidance as to what you should expect in the 24-48 hours after your entrainment. The healing does continue after you leave the studio.

If you’re asking, “What is an Entrainment?” Take a peek at the link below to view a short video. Network Spinal entrainments are the treatments given at your first treatment and each regular visit. A gentle, low-force technique is used to aid the body in change and the healing process.

Step 3: Regular Visits (15 minutes)
Simply put, these are your normal treatment visits that will last approximately 15 minutes. Each of these visits will start with a brief discussion with Dr Jenna of symptoms or changes experienced since your last entrainment.

It is important that you share any questions or concerns with Dr Jenna, to ensure your treatment plan doesn’t need to be adjusted. We want everyone to be confident in the plan, this will ensure long-term healing.

Step 4: Reassessment (approx 60 minutes)
Every 12 visits, it is important to re-assess the treatment plan, often one set of symptoms is resolved and another set of symptoms may emerge that require slight changes in the plan.

During the Re-Assessment appointment, an hour of private time with Dr Jenna to review progress made to date, identify new objectives going forward, and ensure that you and Dr Jenna are 100% on the same page and are achieving the goals and results that were discussed in the Initial Consultation.


Important forms below can be downloaded as a PDF and brought filled out to your appointment:

Health Profile (Download PDF)

Treatment Agreement (Download PDF)

Questionnaire (Download PDF)

If you are unable to access a printer, you can fill it out on here and it will be emailed to Dr Jenna directly.

NOTE: The treatment agreement will be available to sign at your visit, and are unable to complete electronically here:

Health Profile (Electronic From)

Questionnaire (Electronic Form)

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